Projects designed at the Creative Schools Initiative Teacher Institute: Creative Curriculum From the Inside Out


Evelyn Glennie, Artist-in-Residence

Inventors One and All
Barnett School
Teacher team: 6-8 grade science, visual art and music
Teaching Artist: Susan Palmer, theater

We are all innovators, helping to make our community thrive.

This project introduced the concept of innovation as a process that can be used in all learning, one which applies a growth mindset and helps the learner along their journey towards more in-depth understanding. Students carried the innovation thread into their studies of theater, physical science, music and visual art.

Hear—See—Listen—Be Seen
Burlington High School

Teacher team: English Language Learner Teacher
Teaching artists: Susan Palmer, theater; Evan Premo, music
Co-presenter: Flynn Center

Amplifying student voice, while listening with open ears.

Young adults yearn to be listened to, which is an acute challenge when the language, culture and community are unfamiliar. Through movement, music, and language arts, a class of New American students from Nepal and Somalia explored how to express their true voices, and how to listen with open ears.

The Music of Light and Sound
Ferrisburgh Central School

Teacher team: 2nd grade, 3-4th grade, K-6 Art
Teaching artist: Evan Premo, music

How can we see sound and hear light?

This project integrated an exploration of light and sound with visual arts and music. Students learned about the scientific properties of light and sound and compared the similarities of the engineering and artistic design processes by composing songs and creating visual art.

When Must One Revolt?
Main Street Middle School, Montpelier

Teacher team: Fifth grade team
Teaching artist: Evan Premo, composer

Unpacking conflict through an artistic lens.

The causes of the American Revolution come to life in an original musical, written, composed and choreographed by the fifth grade students. Students examined perspectives in history to learn how the past can inform the future.

The Wall
Montpelier High School

Teaching team: Social Studies, English, Biology, Music
Teaching artists: Evan Premo, composer; Gowri Savoor, visual art

Walls surround us. Walls protect us. Walls exclude us. Sometimes they define us.  

Students in English, world history, biology and orchestra explored the role of walls in their lives and throughout the world—both real and imagined. This project culminated in a walking art installation through downtown Montpelier, of a dynamic wall of glowing cubes with original music, all created, composed and performed by MHS students.

Letters From War
Peacham School
Teacher team: Library, Social Studies & Writing; Music
Teaching artist: Heather Bryce, dance
Community partner: Peacham Historical Association
Co-presenter: Catamount Arts

Re-living the past to enlighten our future.

This project explored how students’ point of view might change after learning about their community’s history during the Civil War. Students created a multimedia performance, with original choreography and music, inspired by the history of Peacham as seen through the lens of letters sent home by Civil War soldiers.

Listening to What the Earth is Saying
St. Johnsbury School

Teacher team: Third grade team
Teaching artist: Gowri Savoor, visual art
Co-presenter: Catamount Arts

Nature’s patterns inspire a vision for a safer community.

This project increased student achievement, intrinsic motivation, and a passion for learning by integrating visual arts and science. The project’s goal was to help students become aware of weather impacts, while exploring nature for inspiration of possible solutions to minimize damage and destruction.

Our Home, Our Stories
Union Elementary School, Montpelier

Teacher team: Fourth Grade Team
Teaching artist: Judy Dow, Abenaki artist and ethnobotanist

Exploring stories of Montpelier’s land, water and history to understand today and direct tomorrow.

Through story-telling, map-making, basket-making, and ceramic art, this project deepened students’ understanding of their community, both the people and the land. Students explored ways in which they can use that knowledge to impact the future of Montpelier.


John Jorgenson, Artist-in-Residence

What if Kids Were in Charge?
Thatcher Brook Elementary School, Waterbury

Teacher Team: 4th Grade Team
Teaching Artist: Barbara Paulson, puppeteer

K-4th grade classes tackle the challenge of redesigning their playground and share their process and plan through an original puppet show with the script, soundtrack, puppets, sets and scenery they made with the help of CEL teaching artist Barbara Paulson.

How Does Finding Me Empower Us?
Randolph High School, Randolph

Teacher Team: High School English, Art, Special Education
Teaching Artist: Evan Premo, music

Through poetry, team building, songwriting and learning activities in English class and student advisory, students grapple throughout the year with the a fundamental question of their personalized learning plans – Who am I? – and how Me to We can strengthen their personal learning journey while contributing to their communities greater learning community.

How Do I Use Communication to Activate Change in the World?
Montpelier High School, Montpelier

Teacher Team: High School Math, Biology, Social Studies
Teaching Artist: Susan Palmer, theater

Exploring communication challenges and channels through integrating theater, social studies, biology and coding.

What is the Story of Sound in Our Lives?
Cabot School, Cabot

Teacher Team: Third and Fourth Grade Team
Teaching Artist: Susan Palmer, theater

Using body, voice and imagination to explore the science of sound in an original theater work with script, set and costumes created by the 3rd and 4th grade class.

What is My Record?
U32 Middle & High School, East Montpelier

Teacher Team: High School English, Library, Music
Teaching Artist: Gowri Savoor, visual art

Sharing the A and B side of ourselves through music, visual art, poetry and narratives.

What Makes Me Vermont, and Vermont Me?
St. Johnsbury School, St. Johnsbury

Teacher Team: Third Grade Team
Teaching Artist: Evan Premo, music

Through poetry and song writing, students explored the concept of growth mindset and their self-awareness as individuals that are woven into the fabric of Vermont.


Evelyn Glennie

The Wall Project